…every med correctly dispensed safely and properly counted

April 27, 2021

“It takes an incredible amount of hard work to be the Pharmacist and just to be an incredible staff. They have to ‘take care’ of each customer each time they come in and there really is no room for error. Evergreen has been there for me for 10 long years and has been ‘spot on’ every time. Every question answered to where it was easy to understand, every med correctly dispensed safely and properly counted. All these issues and more are properly done by the entire staff, under the leadership of the Pharmacist and staff, and to complete their service, if you can’t pick up your order, they will deliver it to your home. Is there anything they don’t do – NO! Thank you very much and please remember – There is no nobler task to help your fellow man or woman.

April 27, 2021 BEAUTY & HEALTH Ltd